Day 1 – October 27, 2021

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Start TimeActivityPresenters
1:00The Fifth Annual Ohio Manufacturers’ Workforce Summit

Join our host, Jessica Borza, and President Emeritus Eric Burkland, as they set the stage for the 2021 OMA Workforce Summit.
Jessica Borza
Eric Burkland
1:10Keynote: Job Design and Job Quality – Today’s Strategies to Combat the Labor Shortage

Across the country, manufacturers are facing real labor shortages and real cash constraints as wages become more competitive both within manufacturing and across industries. In our keynote presentation, a prominent national expert in industry partnerships, workforce development, and job design will share what solutions are being developed across the country.

Good jobs are designed the same way you design products and processes, and even small shifts can create big change. How can manufacturers create changes — in company culture, in processes and policies, in racial equity and inclusiveness — and how can they communicate these innovations to potential workers, or even incumbent workforces? In a market where workers have choices, how do manufacturers stand out and win?
Amanda Cage
1:40A Manufacturers’ Conversation with Amanda Cage, President and CEO of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions

In a conversation with national workforce development expert Amanda Cage, OMA members will discuss how they are tackling Job Quality and Job Design as a strategy to meet their talent requirements.
Emily Elizer
Kimberly Markiewicz
2:20Coffee Break
2:30Military Veterans Bring Rich Experience to Manufacturing Jobs

At the end of their service, one-third of active military veterans will return home, one-third will remain near base, and one-third will move to where jobs are considered most available. This mobile population is a rich source of manufacturing talent. This panel will feature state and national experts working with veterans to connect them with manufacturing jobs and training programs.
Ryan Blackburn
Greg Gavlak
Karol Scheetz
Jack Schron

Jennifer White
3:10Returning Citizens Are an Overlooked Population of Talent

Learn how manufacturers are partnering with community-based organizations and the Ohio correctional system to fill out their ranks of essential workers with formerly incarcerated adults who are starting successful, new careers in manufacturing.
Cassi Zumbiel

Sean Cwynar
Rayshun Holt
Matt Joyce
Vernise Robinson
3:50Wrap-up and Set Stage for Day Two

Day 2 – October 28, 2021

Start TimeActivityPresenters
1:00Welcome to Day 2Jessica Borza
1:10A Message from the Lieutenant GovernorJon Husted
1:20Retention Is a Recruitment Strategy

To combat the tight labor market — which is not going away — successful manufacturers will become creative in the opportunities and messages they present to current and potential employees. Emphasizing the ways in which workers can grow and flourish — including continuing education, earn-and-learn programs, and opportunities to earn credentials — will help create retention and loyalty among existing and new employees.
Marie Cini

Emily Fabiano
Scott Holley
Jason Venner
2:15Coffee Break
2:25Utilizing Ohio’s Manufacturing Institutes to Enhance Your Talent and Capabilities

Manufacturing USA® is a national network of institutes created to secure U.S. global leadership in advanced manufacturing through large-scale, public-private collaboration on matters of technology, supply chain, and workforce development. Due to Ohio’s dominance in manufacturing, the America Makes institute is situated in Youngstown. Also serving Ohio are the NextFlex and Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) institutes. We’ll present how your manufacturing business — whether it is a large multinational conglomerate or a small local business — can access institute assistance in streamlining manufacturing processes, supporting new capabilities and material solutions, workforce training, and research and development.
Terri Sandu

Josh Cramer
Lisa Masciantonio
Emily McGrath
3:10Which Came First: Technology or Workforce?

A manufacturing pain point is matching the technical skills, knowledge and credentials of our workforces with the pace of technology innovation and adoption. Not having the right skills can hold manufacturers back from taking advantage of technology-driven enhancements. With its partners, the OMA set out to address the issue of matching technology innovations with the right skills and credentials. This panel will present the work to date, what assets and tools are now available, and where this initiative will go next to support companies like yours.
Kathryn Kelley

Lori Baukus
Kyle Fulton
Shawn Hendrix
Ted Rozier
4:00Concluding Remarks and Next Steps